Arnaud Larher his philosophy

In my laboratory, up to ten tastings are held every day.
I strive day in day out to perfect my methods.
I’m always tinkering, refining and inventing new preparations.

There’s no rule imposed, I simply exercise my memory in capturing shapes and colors. My ideas never vanish for good, I’ll retrieve them at some later time.

During my experience, I’ve learned to recognize and respect good Produits, in mastering the cooking technique. Texture is as important as taste, like when feeling the small pungent passion fruit seeds in chocolate.
It’s essential to unpack the technique and work the basics thoroughly. The surface is not the place to advance pastry-making practices or nurture creativity in the long run.

A top professional must be able to build a solid foundation to create complex and inventive structures, think of a trunk supporting every aspect of its tree’s development…

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