Everything turned out better than I could imagine when I first started in this trade!

I was lucky to begin at a good shop under Mr. Guillerm. Thanks to his support, I won the contest for Brest’s best apprentice and Brittany’s best apprentice, and found myself in the running for France’s top apprentice.

In 2007, I was elected one of France’s best pastry chefs. That year, the final competition consisted of creating a wedding buffet with various dessert Produits, snacks and a breakfast.

For 25 hours spread over three days, contestants worked under the control of a “working” jury, a “tasting” jury and a “presentation” jury.

My submission featured a structured assembly like a chessboard, where each product was placed at a specific spot along the square-shaped buffet layout.

My fruit cakes, appetizers, breakfast pastries, goodies, chocolate suckers, dessert and wedding cake symmetrically framed my central decoration sculpted entirely in sugar.

This mainly geometric staging allowed me to enhance the shapes, textures and colors of my creations. My work could be viewed from various angles and was easily accessible during tasting.

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