8 Macaroons Drawer Box

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Macaroons set – 8 pieces

DARK CHOCOLATE ganache with bitter chocolate from Peru.
75 % cocoa dark chocolates.
SALTED BUTTER CARAMEL smooth caramel cream flavoured with Guérande fleur de sel.
THOUSAND FLOWERS ganache with red fruits flavoured with flower essences.
34 % cocoa white chocolates.
PISTACHIOS ganache with pistachios.
34 % cocoa white chocolates.
VANILLA ganache with Bourbon vanilla herb tea.
34 % cocoa white chocolates.
MANGO MANDARIN ORANGE ganache with mango and orange mandarin.
34 % cocoa white chocolates.
RASPERRY ROSE Ganache with rose and a raspberry purée.
34 % cocoa white chocolates.
PRALINE with milk chocolate and a praline puff pastry.
40 % cocoa white chocolates.

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Macaroons set – 8 pieces


Vanilla and chocolate cream filling infused with Bourbon-flavored vanilla
Coffee and chocolate cream laced with strong coffee
Chocolate and lime, with a dark chocolate and lime-based ganache filling
Pistachio and Morello cherry, with a filling made of pistachio and pieces of cherry and Morello cherry
Caramel and salted butter, with a smooth caramel cream and a pinch of Guerande sea salt
Dark chocolate ganache filling using a bittersweet chocolate from Peru
Botanical ganache filling with berries scented by floral essences
Chestnut cream filling with pieces of candied chestnuts and black currant – New
Rose-raspberry ganache filling, rose-scented with a raspberry marmalade
Mango-tangerine, ganache filling composed of mango and tangerine
Maple cranberries
Praline + milk – New
Yuzu fruit ganache spread, featuring the Yuzu citrus – New
Chocolate-berry tea ganache filling with dark chocolate infused with a berry tea
Fine champagne ganache filling, using fine Champagne sprinkled with candied oranges
Olive oil-based ganache filling – New




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